Kép Boulad SJ: Oneness, Wholeness & Holiness

Boulad SJ: Oneness, Wholeness & Holiness

The Social and Sacred Dimensions of the Meal and the Mouth
Cover plan: Őri Kiss István
Cover: paper binding
Page number: 276 p.
ISBN: 978 963 514 016 9
Year of release: 2019
Régi ár: 3200 Ft
Ár: 2560 Ft

Henri Boulad SJ 

The idea of this book was first conceived in the early spring of 2014 and has been reshaped in the course of the almost three years since. It was initially the transcript of several speeches delivered by the Reverend Father Henri Boulad, S.J., at the Centre Spirituel Le Cénacle near Geneva, Switzerland, in October 2001. In this magisterial book, Father Henri Boulad touches upon some basic psychological elements of the human senses namely taste, hearing, sight, smell and orality; the latter being the focal point of this enterprise.

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